Using a car hire is a popular way to ensure you arrive at your specific destination conveniently,

comfortably or enjoy your travel. Most travelers prefer to use car hire services instead of travelling using 

their own car or using public means of transport. When taking a tour in Faro, Portugal you will also need 

to use a car hire if you have to enjoy moving around and enjoying every activity and sceneries found in 

the area. There are dozens of car high services in Faro, so getting a perfect car of your choice is not a big 

problem. Here are some of the advantages you get when you hire a car in Faro.


A lot of car options to 

choose In most cases, you may get bored to move around using your own car that you use on daily 

basis. Thus, you will need a change so that you can have a totally new experience as you move around. 

This new experience can be provided by hiring the car you desire from the car hire service of your 

choice. Hiring a car will also offer you the freedom to choose any car you want, for instance, if you want 

a small car, luxury car or convertible car. With the many car hire services available in Faro, you can be 

assured that you will get a car of your choice at a cost that will not make you strain in your travel 



No maintenance fees for the car 

One of the costs that can make our travel budget rise or inconvenience you in your budget is the maintenance fee of a car. One of the greatest benefits of using car hire in Faro is that most of the 

companies take the responsibility to cater for the maintenance cost of the car. This means that you will not incur charges involved in car washes, tire and car detailing, oil changes and others because all these costs are covered in the total cost of your car hire. 

You end up saving, because you may end up paying 

more for such services if you use your own car.


This gives you peace of mind and enjoy your travel in the 

best way because you know that there are no extra costs you will incur. Mobility and flexibility 

There is high flexibility in mobility provided by a car hire that you may not get if you decide to use public 

means or taxi services.


If you use public transport you will need to adhere to strict travel schedules. On 

the other hand, if you use taxi services in Faro, it may end up being expensive to move to some 

destinations such as the beaches.


There are also some other areas that you will like to move where the 

taxi services may not offer services to such destinations. However, if you hire a car in Faro high level 

mobility and flexibility is provided for you. You have the convenience to travel where you want and at 

whatever time without any restrictions.


While traveling can be both relaxing and fun at the same time, it also requires you to take some measures to guarantee that you are going to be able to meet all your expected activities during the trip. Renting a car is by far the most recommended solution if you decide to travel to a new place to leave stress out.

Portugal is one of the most desirable destinations in Europe, due to the huge amount of marvelous landscapes it contains. Algarve, with its beautiful beaches and landscapes which makes tourists visit the city consistently, being the main source of financial economy of the city, is maybe also one of the most affordable cities to visit and tour, with low renting car prices for families. For instance, renting a Renault Clio with A/C (perfect for families interested in visiting every corner of the city) can cost around $230 for the months of December to March, being July to September the most expensive months to rent a car in Algarve, with an average increase of 50-70%. However, these prices also vary from store to store, which allows you to take a look at the prices you can find among the wide variety of Car renting stores located in Algarve.

Nevertheless, renting a car takes much more than getting the money out of your pocket and driving around the city. You have to consider the places you are attempting to visit and the amount of time you plan to stay on them. Things such as the weather can make a trip to the beach impossible, making you change your plans on where you should go. Fortunately, there are several options if you want a car that will be prepared to bear your expectations and also deal with changes in your schedule. Such is the case of SUV, 4x4 cars which allow you to visit the most hidden places of Algarve and also provide you the safety you and your family need during your vacations.

Besides, there is always the option to rent a car on a daily basis. This works better if you are staying for a relatively long period of time and already rented a car in Algarve, because by renting an additional car on a daily basis only on special occasions, you can spend a low amount of extra money and be able to tour over very different grounds. For instance, if you want to take a visit to some of the farthest places in Algarve (which do not always count with pave roads) you could rent a Jeep Wrangler for only $30 a day.

To conclude, whenever you think of going elsewhere to see the beauty that surrounds you, you also have to keep in mind about the means you will require to meet every expected place in your destination. Renting a car might not be the only option, but is the best one to fulfill this aspect. It does not only allow you to plan and make a perfect schedule, but it also gives you freedom to change your plans and make some spontaneous tours around.



There are a thousand and one reasons to visit Portugal: and travel through vineyards of the Douro to decipher the secret of the beautiful countryside which will leave you captivated by the lethargic charm of the setting sun over the Tagus, or visit the beautiful Costa Verde, discover the Arab footprints in the Algarve or going by the Serra de Sintra or drinking a coffee on the terrace or ancient city of Portus and get immersed in the nostalgia of the weekend bars. Regardless of the reason that leads to these Lusitanian lands, the truth is that you will need to rent a car in Portugal to be able to move with total freedom.

Thanks to the rent a car in Portugal a vast range of cars: vehicles from economical family cars to tourism, not to mention the top of the range models and commercial vehicles are all available at affordable prices and often with special discount packages.

The emergence of rent-a-car 

Hiring a car without a driver is an attractive activity that is essential for incoming tourism in Portugal and forms an important asset. It attracts the tourists and make them spend beyond the airline ticket, accommodation, the entertainment, shopping and some sightseeing, that with forms an essential part of the "tourist package", promoted by foreign tour operators and marketed by extensive networks of retail travel schedules, virtually worldwide, since the individual and independent tourism in fast world.

Portuguese case 

The car hire without driver was born in Portugal, almost spontaneously, in the fifties, simultaneously with the explosion of international tourist trade made more intensive by the charm of Portuguese destinations with their rich cultural heritage and cities full of life and country sides of breathtaking beauty.

The major sources of this tourist flow were in earlier times were from passengers in transit of foreign steamships that berthed at Lisbon, on routes to South America, North America, Mediterranean and Northern Europe, as well as the ordinances of the best hotels of the season in the capital. 

Overall growth of rent a car services 

The rent a car services has been the only branch of economic activity showed a positive performance year on year. It should be noted that this sector already represents 65.1% of the GDP. The data thus seem to confirm that the industry and the most shielded the crisis, since it also and it suffers less foreign competition. 


To improve the activity of Portugal car hire it is necessary that the government should treat this activity as a necessity for boosting tourist activity. It is an urgent need to attract foreign tourists in this beautiful country through campaigns aimed especially promoting the Portuguese destinations with an outstanding diversity of the landscape the greenery of the mountains through rocky peaks and deserts of the Alentajo region. The luxury of a beach holiday in the Algarve and the attractive golfing havens if positioned properly will contribute to increasing the business in the Portugal car hire segment

The phenomenon regarding stolen vehicles is a huge detriment which has grown in recent times, causing the company huge losses that have increased year on year. Yet the prospects in this sector point to a positive growth in an increasingly demanding market if there is quality and customer needs satisfaction.

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When coming to Portugal for the first time, you obviously don’t know some of the best places to visit and spend the most enchanting moments you have. Also, when you are a Portuguese resident, there are times when you cannot have the service of your car and you will be forced by the circumstance to consider car hire as the only option to travel within the country comfortable. In both cases, hiring a car in Portugal can prove to be a wise idea, especially when you think of the lifetime experience traveling in hired cars come with coupled with good prices and top quality services you are likely to get when you hire a car in Portugal.


Destinations that you can go to using car hire services in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country with a lot of exciting places to visit. Apparently, with your own occur; you might spend more on gas and fuel than when you hire a car. In addition, when driving your car, chances are you will end when you are extremely tired as some of the places are far from the main airports and main towns and cities. Some of the great destinations that you can visit when you hire a car in Portugal include.

· Porto- this town is one of the most exciting places to tour when in Portugal. The place is strewn with plenty of wonderful recreational and entertainment facilities. Especially if you are a soccer fan, you can hire a car to the home of FC Porto, one of the oldest soccer clubs in the countries. In addition, the tour guides can help you locate beautiful accommodation facilities within the town.


· Agueda- this also another wonderful destination you can comfortably go right from the airport using car hire services in the country. Here you can use your car hire services to link with the railway station in the town at any time when travelling. Other places that offer such services in the country include Abrantes, Canico, Funchal, Aguiar De Beira among many others.

Financial benefits of hiring a car in Portugal

When hiring a car in Portugal you stand high chances of getting better financial deals that will help cut down your travelling expenses. For instance, here are some of the best deals you can find.


· Money back guarantee- in Portugal, many car hire firms don’t cling to your money after booking even if you fail to turn up for the journey or if you find another better deal somewhere else. As a result, you can compare the deals offered around the country even after booking for car hire with another firm.


· Low prices- comparatively with other car hire services in other countries; Portugal offers the lowest car hire deals to her customers and gives them the freewill to cancel the booking arrangements any time when the need arises.


· A variety of cars to choose from- when hiring a car in Portugal you can choose from a wide range of cars at your disposal ranging from two-seater to nine-seater cars depending on your requirements.



Are you planning to visit Lisbon? If yes, this is a great decision because there are a lot of things to see and enjoy in this city. Lisbon the capital city of Portugal has a lot of tourist attractions and there are a lot of activities you can enjoy such as swimming, riding and others. To ensure that you travel effectively while in the city, it is advisable to use Lisbon car hire. By using the hired cars, you will have a visit in the city that is less stressful and void of inconveniences. Here are some other reasons why Lisbon car hire is the best option for you. 

Safety and comfort 

One of the major reasons why you need to hire car in Lisbon is for your own security. Most of the Lisbon car hire companies ensure that their clients are safe from any dangers while traveling. The cars are of high quality meaning that they pose less risk to travelers. They are well maintained and offer a lot of comfort, thus making your travel in the city an enjoyable one. The companies also have efficient security system that ensure that travels are safe when moving to any destination in the city even those parts that are viewed as more prone to insecurity. 

Enjoy your freedom and save time

Are you the kind of a person who likes enjoying your own freedom? Lisbon car hire provides a sense of freedom because you can go anywhere you want and any time. You will have a great opportunity to do what you want without having to worry about inconveniences caused by public transport or travel timetables. If you want to have a change in your plans, you can easily do if you hire a car in Lisbon. You also save a lot of time because you do not have to wait around public transport which can be uncomfortable if the weather is bad or extremely hot especially during the summer season. 

While you are on a car hire in Lisbon you also have the opportunity to explore new areas that you would otherwise have not if using other means of transport. When holiday in Lisbon you will also be able to take your time for sightseeing without having to be rushed by anyone as it may happen when using public means. You are also provided with a travel guide who explains to you about all the things you explore in the city.

Effective family travel 

Using Lisbon car hire is a perfect way to ensure that you enjoy your travel with your family or any other group. Sometimes travelling as a group or with your children can be challenging, but hiring a car in Lisbon makes it easier for everyone involved in the travel. Children require more breaks while travelling compared to adults, when travelling using a hire car, you have the freedom to take the breaks, eat, drink stretch the legs if need be. This also makes the travel more enjoyable to everyone involved as you can do anything you want as you enjoy your travel in Lisbon. 

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Algarve Formosa natural park Ria Formosa is found in the Algarve along the Eastern shore, from Ancao shore in the council of Loule passing through Algarve's money Faro, entirely to Manta Rota shore near the city of Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Ria Formosa's 60 kilometers expansion is its broadest with 8 kilometer in Faro and was proclaimed a Natural Park in 1987 and before a Natural Reserve. The title Ria signifies mouth of a river or fluvial valley which is affected by the tides, which isn't true.

In reality, the Ria Formosa is a method of barrier islands about of 18.400 hectares altogether that links with the Atlantic Ocean by means of some channels subjected by tides and currents. These channels were naturally-made by character but substantially altered by the final stunning wave because of the oceanic quake in 1755.Guy's Intervention. The channels are changed through the periods not merely by normal deposit and washing erosion but by guy also.

Ensure a transport passageway to Olhao's Port and Faro and mid 20th century the channel between Deserta Island and Farol Island was shielded with huge concrete blocks to decrease the normal erosion. As properly as a result of the ever dynamic littoral, a fresh channel was opened in the 90's only west of the initial channel in Faro Island that had been obstructed by changing sands and asphyxiating Ria Formosa.

The scene between large and low tide is indeed wonderful that it is difficult to think you are admiring the sam e heaven. Ria Formosa with all the oxygen abundant clean water is provided by this steady tidal change.
Archeological web sites found in the location show stays of Phoenician and Roman settlements lately found, signs a few thousand years back salt extraction ponds were manufactured that nonetheless last to day and linked to fishing tasks and various sea. At the center of the lagoon near among the isles, in reduced tide you may observe the leftovers of what was once a garrison, big rocks scattered about and nevertheless with canyons that now are residences of little fish and crab.

It reveals the Ria Formosa was a vital region to secure in the Discoveries age. Animal life
Aquatic birds see sheltered breeding places and also a must cease for migrating types. Flamingos are between the favored to be valued. An authentic birdwatchers spot. Countless fish species of the Atlantic in addition to other marine species procreate in what's for them a paradise.

While other species of larger fish come into feed some fish species come in the Ria Formosa to increase. Cultivating the Ria Formosa. Thousands of households make their dwelling and therefore are ran in the Ria Formosa. Either by fishing or taking care of oyster and clam nurseries, or tending the salt farms.
It is actually extraordinary how this gifted Normal Park can provide whole nourishment and revenue to numerous households. You will find Ria Formosa oysters in France, the well-known flor d e sal in Germany, fished tuna exported to Japan and this listing continues on. make sure to book your car ahead, just look up


Algarve-Silves Meuseum museum was established up in 1990 on the website of a 19th century residence, where, bellow the pavement, archaeological digs uncovered in the 80's an incredibly unusual good-cistern. The museum was constructed around this section, showing the archaeological finds of town and also the area all through background, from prehistory to the Roman or Arab span and the Portuguese interval until now.

However, the well-cistern is in fact the jem of the museum. Much as been mentioned about it, but significantly is pure conjecture. First it was believed of being an Arab building, most likely in the interval when Xelb was beaten back from the Christians, however there's no other nicely-cistern like this all over the Arab world. The truth is, there's just one other like it in Egypt, which might happen to be constructed by the Romans. It's possible that the well-cistern is quite a bit older than initially believed and that was constructed round the 4th or 5th century, substantially before Arab rule, even though the most-supported dissertation is it is an Arab building.

Anyway, it's one of a-kind building, the well-cistern is named like that, since it was likewise built to roll up the rainwater in the roof top of houses, in addition to operate as a properly. In addition, it has a helix stairs around it with three windows that gave entry to the water. It's constructed in the conventional reddish sandstones of the area and it's also in great condition. Someplace back in the 1-6 th century it remained therefore, under the pavement of a residence, till in the 1980's archaeological diggings introduced it straight back to the daylight and had been filled up with debris.
In case you look at the museum do not neglect to really have a view of the Iron Age funeral monoliths full of inscriptions which might be believed to be among the initial instances of creating in the area, which significance still eludes us and, clearly, step out to the balcony to the first for an impressive view of Silves and also the Englishman's manufacturing plant.

The town
All round the cathedral along with the fortress you discover the old-town, little roads going up and down, outdated houses, little houses, large houses. Underneath you're generations of background, Arab and Roman artifacts, middle-age family homes, ceramics and a lot more, while you walk-around town of Silves loving a journey to days gone by by viewing the aged houses, the true excursion to the earlier is truly below your feet. All that region, round the fortress along with the cathedral, is a secured region, every time somebody desires to construct or reconstruct something there archaeologists consider their time to dig in and discover something brand new, or can I say aged? And many of the times they locate the outdated towns of Xelb and Cilpes.

Take your own time walking around loving the township or lookup portugal car hire. Itisn't just about monuments, but about routine houses all through history. You can nevertheless locate large houses from some noble family standing, like the Palace of other marvellous illustrations of the change of 19th century structures and the Viscount of Lagoa. Make sure to take a look in the town-hall building, which is 1 particular examples.

There's another building, which can be unquestionably worth a visit, even though it's presently shut for people, that is the Englishman's manufacturing plant. Hopefully it's going to open up again, permitting the opportunity to see what was straight back in the nineteenth century and through a lot of the twentieth century a cork factory, that ultimately closed down. More lately, the different buildings of the compound were open to the general public as a Cork Museum, regarded among the greatest industrial museums in Europe, that additionally featured recreational and amusement regions, for instance a restaurant, a tavern among others. Regrettably, it closed down for want of funds. It stays shut, without any investors in website. Meanwhile, if it stays shut, make sure to take a look at it in the fortress or from the balcony at Silves' Museum


Rent a car. Be the star

If you are planning a trip to Faro during the tourist intense summer months, make sure that you contact the car rental service well in advance. The airport itself is located at the heart of the city, which makes it easier for you to reach the destination of your choice. Having a car at your disposal, makes your travel experience a lot smoother. It not only saves you the trouble of travelling with your entire luggage on a crowded public transport, but also provides you with the much needed flexibility in your travel schedule.

Portugal with its pristine beaches, rich heritage and an enthralling nightlife, is one of the premier holiday destinations in all of Europe. If the sun and the beach is what you crave for, Faro located in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula is the place for you. Faro is a beautiful, calm and serene city with a lot to offer. The city is a refreshing break from the concrete jungles that our tired eyes are so used to. Once you are in Faro, the best way to experience the city is by car. When wea note of all the p plan for a holiday, we do our background research, make laces that we want to visit, book the tickets, make the necessary reservations, the whole shebang. But, more often than not, what we tend to forget is to arrange for the local transport. Sure, public transport and cab service is available. But to really explore a new city, to have an awe-inspiring hassle-free trip, a car rental service is a must.


If you are familiar with Portugal, you can easily pick up the car from the airport and drive to your hotel. However, if you are a first time visitor, do not be alarmed. The city map coupled with the navigation app on your smart phone are your virtual guides to the city. However, you can also ask for an English speaking driver from the car rental company to drive you around town. The driver can be your guide to the new city. It is an added advantage. Apart from dropping you off at the hotel, the driver can also be scheduled to take you sightseeing at the local places of attraction. You can always consider Taxi service or public transport, but the comfort, ease and flexibility of a rental car which caters to all your transportation needs is unmatched. It provides you with the best travel experience.

Barely 80 Kilometers to the east of the city of Faro is Spain. Portugal and Spain have very good relations and most care rental services allow the customers to drive the cars across borders. So if Spain is a part of your travel plan, having a rental car can make your trip a much more memorable one. After soaking in all that Faro has to offer, one can easily hire a car and visit Spain. But if one prefers to stay in Portugal, the capital city if Lisbon is roughly a 150 Kilometer drive up north. Driving through the city, basking in the glory of the sun kissed beaches, the wind in your hair, not a care in the world. Isn’t it one of the best feelings ever? It is as good as it gets. With a car rental service at your disposal, there is no ends to the amount of fun that you can have. So, buckle up, enjoy the ride and have a safe trip.

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