How to Hire a Car at Portugal
04.05.2014 14:26

If you are looking for sunny holiday destination, you can’t go wrong with Portugal. In Portugal, you are guaranteed to enjoy hot weather, especially during the summer months. Although it is not very cold in the winter, there is a notable drop in temperature, especially in the northern regions and thus you should stick to the south. You may be wondering, “What will I be doing in Portugal when I visit?” 

Things to do

After you have hired a car, you can visit Algarve which is one of the most popular places in Portugal to go for a nice holiday because it offer something for everyone. Great beaches, lively bars, and the wide range of eateries will put a smile on your face as you move around enjoying yourself.

If you like being active when you are on your holiday, check out for the best watersports on offer in Portugal. The seas are a bit rougher in the north; therefore, you should drive there if you like body boarding or surfing. However, if you are more interested in sailing or driving, head to the south coast as you are assured of getting your wishes.

Go exploring

In case you want to visit Mother Nature, hire a car in Portugal and drive to the natural parks around the country. The Peneda-Ger is home to wild golden eagles and ponies, and you can take some amazing photos with this wild animal. In addition, you can drive to the small village nearby and experience the customs and cultures of the Portuguese people and even take part in some of their activities such as canoeing as well as horse riding.

Don’t forget to visit the various shopping centers in Portugal where you can indulge in retail therapy. Naturally, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, will give you a huge amount of choices when you are looking for big name shops. Drive around to see the various stores available as well as small boutique where you can get everything from textiles to ceramics. If you want to create your own dishes, drive to Ribeira market and pick up some fresh good.

Portugal in 60-seconds

· Portuguese people are one of the friendliest people in Europe. Once you visit them, you will find yourself returning because they will make you want to.

· When you are in Portugal, show your appreciation through smiling and don’t forget to say “Obrigadinha” if you are female or “Obrigadinho” if you are male.

· In case you are looking for relaxing vibes in Portugal, hire a car and drive yourself to any coastal towns. If you want your relaxation to be more cranked up, then be in the cities where you will find the celebratory, party atmosphere.

· People from Portugal pride themselves for being caring, hospitable as well as putting their family first. If you are travelling alone, expect a hearty warm welcome as well as an invite for dinner.

· If you are lucky enough, you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with one or two local celebrities such as Christiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo or Eusebio da Silva Ferreira. 

Portugal car hire fact: Portugal is the world largest producer of corks.  


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