Car rents in Algarve, Portugal
10.07.2014 09:59

While traveling can be both relaxing and fun at the same time, it also requires you to take some measures to guarantee that you are going to be able to meet all your expected activities during the trip. Renting a car is by far the most recommended solution if you decide to travel to a new place to leave stress out.

Portugal is one of the most desirable destinations in Europe, due to the huge amount of marvelous landscapes it contains. Algarve, with its beautiful beaches and landscapes which makes tourists visit the city consistently, being the main source of financial economy of the city, is maybe also one of the most affordable cities to visit and tour, with low renting car prices for families. For instance, renting a Renault Clio with A/C (perfect for families interested in visiting every corner of the city) can cost around $230 for the months of December to March, being July to September the most expensive months to rent a car in Algarve, with an average increase of 50-70%. However, these prices also vary from store to store, which allows you to take a look at the prices you can find among the wide variety of Car renting stores located in Algarve.

Nevertheless, renting a car takes much more than getting the money out of your pocket and driving around the city. You have to consider the places you are attempting to visit and the amount of time you plan to stay on them. Things such as the weather can make a trip to the beach impossible, making you change your plans on where you should go. Fortunately, there are several options if you want a car that will be prepared to bear your expectations and also deal with changes in your schedule. Such is the case of SUV, 4x4 cars which allow you to visit the most hidden places of Algarve and also provide you the safety you and your family need during your vacations.

Besides, there is always the option to rent a car on a daily basis. This works better if you are staying for a relatively long period of time and already rented a car in Algarve, because by renting an additional car on a daily basis only on special occasions, you can spend a low amount of extra money and be able to tour over very different grounds. For instance, if you want to take a visit to some of the farthest places in Algarve (which do not always count with pave roads) you could rent a Jeep Wrangler for only $30 a day.

To conclude, whenever you think of going elsewhere to see the beauty that surrounds you, you also have to keep in mind about the means you will require to meet every expected place in your destination. Renting a car might not be the only option, but is the best one to fulfill this aspect. It does not only allow you to plan and make a perfect schedule, but it also gives you freedom to change your plans and make some spontaneous tours around.



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