Benefits of hiring a car in Portugal
12.06.2014 10:31

There are a thousand and one reasons to visit Portugal: and travel through vineyards of the Douro to decipher the secret of the beautiful countryside which will leave you captivated by the lethargic charm of the setting sun over the Tagus, or visit the beautiful Costa Verde, discover the Arab footprints in the Algarve or going by the Serra de Sintra or drinking a coffee on the terrace or ancient city of Portus and get immersed in the nostalgia of the weekend bars. Regardless of the reason that leads to these Lusitanian lands, the truth is that you will need to rent a car in Portugal to be able to move with total freedom.

Thanks to the rent a car in Portugal a vast range of cars: vehicles from economical family cars to tourism, not to mention the top of the range models and commercial vehicles are all available at affordable prices and often with special discount packages.

The emergence of rent-a-car 

Hiring a car without a driver is an attractive activity that is essential for incoming tourism in Portugal and forms an important asset. It attracts the tourists and make them spend beyond the airline ticket, accommodation, the entertainment, shopping and some sightseeing, that with forms an essential part of the "tourist package", promoted by foreign tour operators and marketed by extensive networks of retail travel schedules, virtually worldwide, since the individual and independent tourism in fast world.

Portuguese case 

The car hire without driver was born in Portugal, almost spontaneously, in the fifties, simultaneously with the explosion of international tourist trade made more intensive by the charm of Portuguese destinations with their rich cultural heritage and cities full of life and country sides of breathtaking beauty.

The major sources of this tourist flow were in earlier times were from passengers in transit of foreign steamships that berthed at Lisbon, on routes to South America, North America, Mediterranean and Northern Europe, as well as the ordinances of the best hotels of the season in the capital. 

Overall growth of rent a car services 

The rent a car services has been the only branch of economic activity showed a positive performance year on year. It should be noted that this sector already represents 65.1% of the GDP. The data thus seem to confirm that the industry and the most shielded the crisis, since it also and it suffers less foreign competition. 


To improve the activity of Portugal car hire it is necessary that the government should treat this activity as a necessity for boosting tourist activity. It is an urgent need to attract foreign tourists in this beautiful country through campaigns aimed especially promoting the Portuguese destinations with an outstanding diversity of the landscape the greenery of the mountains through rocky peaks and deserts of the Alentajo region. The luxury of a beach holiday in the Algarve and the attractive golfing havens if positioned properly will contribute to increasing the business in the Portugal car hire segment

The phenomenon regarding stolen vehicles is a huge detriment which has grown in recent times, causing the company huge losses that have increased year on year. Yet the prospects in this sector point to a positive growth in an increasingly demanding market if there is quality and customer needs satisfaction.

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